Breakthrough Leadership

Courageous Leadership in the Face of No Evidence

In every company, we believe that every person needs to know how to lead and follow.

It takes courage to lead a company through growth, especially when there are uncertain gaps along the way. Everyone has to lead from a place of courageous leadership in the face of no evidence—by that we mean trying something they've never done before, something they're not sure they can do, and doing it anyway. Every single person has to lead, follow and learn at the same time, it can’t just be the owner.

Breakthrough leadership series includes the following programs:

  • Breakthrough Leadership: Leading from a 360 perspective

  • Exploring the Mastery of the Context of Leading

  • Leaders in Action: Intercepting the Future

  • Leaders as Ontological Coaches

We offer public versions of our entire Breakthrough Leadership series, as well versions that are custom made for individual companies.


Breakthrough Leadership: Leading From a 360° Perspective


Leaders in Action: Intercepting the Future


Exploring the Context of the Mastery of Leading