Breakthrough Leadership

Courageous Leadership in the Face of No Evidence

In every company, we believe that every person needs to know how to lead and follow.

It takes courage to lead a company through growth, especially when there are uncertain gaps along the way. Everyone has to lead from a place of courageous leadership in the face of no evidence—by that we mean trying something they've never done before, something they're not sure they can do, and doing it anyway. Every single person has to lead, follow and learn at the same time, it can’t just be the owner.

Breakthrough leadership series includes the following programs:

  • Breakthrough Leadership: Leading from a 360 perspective

  • Exploring the Mastery of the Context of Leading

  • Leaders in Action: Intercepting the Future

  • Leaders as Ontological Coaches

We offer public versions of our entire Breakthrough Leadership series, as well as versions that are custom made for individual companies.


Breakthrough Leadership: Leading From a 360° Perspective


Leaders in Action: Intercepting the Future


Exploring the Context of the Mastery of Leading

  • CSG gave me a safe environment to learn, grow, and practice my own capability based on inner reflection and thought provoking content. They taught me how to run a project in a way that would drive the future of my organization, thereby ensuring I was staying true to all stakeholders…They helped me articulate a future for myself and my organization that has driven amazing results. I am who I am today because I did a lot of hard work on myself and had a great partner in CSG to guide me and hold me accountable to the future I created, declared, and led.
    — Amy Pierce, VP Sage Software North America
  • CSG Breakthrough Leadership training is one of the best learning opportunities I have experienced in the last three years. The tools from Breakthrough Leadership help me facilitate and lead crucial conversations. Leading from the future I stand (in) helped me to be more strategic.
    — Former VP of Information Technology Veridian Credit Union
  • In the eight years I’ve been involved with CSG, I have received invaluable coaching through countless crises, transitions, and breakthroughs. The coaches are clear-sighted and willing to ask the tough questions – all with a great deal of humor and heart. The workshop sessions teach important tools that have helped my life and work be deeper and easier. I cannot recommend CSG highly enough.
    — Hanni Hansen, Compton Foundation, Oakland, CA
  • I am a firm believer in personal development, especially when it comes to knowing yourself and improving your communication skills. Why? If you know who you are and what you want, and can articulate your own wants and needs with others in a collaborative way, together with your colleagues you will be far more prepared to achieve your goals then your competition. You can get this edge by engaging in CSG’s Breakthrough Leadership courses and coaching. Their approach is practical, specific, and when applied, produces amazing results!
    — Amy Flaxel, Owner, Moon Creek Homes