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As Applied Futurists, our coaching work is designed to build capacity as individuals and teams to own, lead, and move their desired future into action every day. We are often identified as ontological coaches, a coach that works from a 360 degree view.

We only coach with those people who are purpose driven, want to continue to gain mastery, and are committed to leading a shared vision.

Coaching enables clients to gain mastery in their business, grow new ways of thinking, gain new constructive beliefs, new positive behaviors, characteristics, and skills. This helps them actually lead the future they have declared.

If you're willing to give up old learning to practice new ways of doing, you are going to be uncomfortable. Our invitation to you is to jump into coaching and be uncomfortable!

We coach anyone who wants to deepen and strengthen themselves as an applied futurist, including:

  • Executives

  • Managers

  • Business Owners and Business Partners

  • Family-owned Businesses

  • Single Proprietors

  • Teams

  • Any individual in any organization wanting to develop themselves as a leader and a follower