"We have partnered with CSG for many years to support our strategic planning and culture development, as well as team and executive coaching. Marsia, Karen, and their team have been central to our success and the record growth we've generated over that time. I consider CSG a significant business partner in our future growth and vitality."

-Murray Williams, CAE,  Chief Operating Officer, Iowa Credit Union League, Affiliates Management Company


Jeanne Magmer

Editor and Publisher

Portland, OR

"Whether you are on your career path or life path, you need to know how to intercept the future positively and with insight that makes that interception successful. You also need to understand the influence you have in every situation you're in: at work as a new hire, an old timer, the owner, the customer; or at home: as parent, child, spouse, or friend. Breakthruz training helps you do it all."

-Jeanne Magmer, Published Author and Former Owner of C & M Communications


"CSG provided my senior executives and leadership with a whole new perspective with the tools provided. Leading from an owner's perspective was a fabulous concept we now use every day. Leading by asking questions is also a technique that works. The tools help us to work more strategically as we plan the future of our organization. My executive staff has risen to a whole new level as a result of the training and individualized consultations we received. We are most grateful."

-Terry Hayes, Former Chief Executive Officer, Goodwill of the Olympics & Rainier Region


The Members Group.jpg

TMG (The Members Group)

Demoines, IA

"CSG has brought out the very best in our senior management team, preparing each of us to lead with purpose and intention. It's clear Marsia and Karen operate from a place of passion for the transformative effect of great leadership. They are incredibly skilled at cutting through a variety of nuances to get to the core of what will motivate, shape and transform an organization's leaders. Today, our beliefs, behaviors, characteristics, skills and actions embody the spirit of our company culture."

-Shazia Manus, CCE, Chief Executive Officer, TMG



Hanamura Consulting

Beaverton, OR

"Carnahan and Gunter, often known as the Continuous Breakthrough team, provides incredible work to any customer or client who is willing to work hard. Twenty-eight years after working with them, we are still operating from the mission of "Celebrate Oneness." Their work is transformational, rewarding, and fun. The outcome is incredible breakthrough results. They will make you think and feel the world around you."

-Steve Hanamura, President, Hanamura Consulting

"Our work at Carnahan, Smith & Gunter aimed to correct an immediate issue. We are thrilled with the creative solutions implemented are specific to us. These are beyond our expectation it terms of the speed with which we were given methods and techniques to move our company forward to envision our future. What we appreciated most about working with the Carnahan, Smith & Gunter and team has been the ability to identify short term, and long term goals, all while standing with them to achieve our future."

-Gail Boushey, The 2 Sisters, Educational Design, LLC


credit union


"Working with Marsia and team at CSG is an experience like none other. Through their business coaching, they have made a difference with our credit union. We started working with them in the 90's. At the time, we had no clue the impact they would have at this organization. They have provided us the communication tools (completion, setting intention, communication promise, and more) and the strategic tools (staying at 50,000 feet strategically, growing our T-shape and wearing our owner's hat, etc.). They have been pivotal in helping us develop our declared future."

DyAnn Longseth, Former Senior Vice-President


"Our organization, founded in 2007, has experienced 1000% growth. It has evolved from an asset purchasing organization to a business to consumer direct marketing organization to fuel our growth. We are again evolving as we believe there is an emerging opportunity to leverage our ongoing conversation about the future - what trends appear enduring, how will our customers' needs and behaviors change as a result of these trends, and how can we best meet our customers where they will be. CSG introduced this way of thinking into the organization from the start and has coached our senior leadership to step out of the day-to-day in order to envision how we can intercept the future with our future. 

A parallel and equally important conversation continues to take place that addresses our organization's ability to simultaneously shift, switch, and focus. It begins with the qualities our staff bring to the table, qualities we hire to—an owner's perspective, an innate sense of empowerment, a passion for what we do, and a curiosity to explore what might be. These qualities form the pillar of our culture, and CSG has facilitated this discussion with our staff over the years. In addition, they have again coached our senior leadership team in the techniques and methods to have an ongoing dialogue about the integration of culture in our company." 

- Eric Schurr, Chief Strategy Officer, TMG Financial Services and Applied Futurist

Sage logo.jpg

Sage North America

Beaverton, OR

international headquarters: London


"CSG has had a huge impact on my professional and personal life.

When I first started working with CSG in 1999, my leadership lessons had been influenced by those I had watched around me (good and bad). While I had read books, it was not the same as developing leadership practices that could help me realize my full potential. CSG gave me a safe environment to learn, grow, and practice my own capability based on inner reflection and thought provoking content.

They taught me how to live with intention, thereby reducing the drama in my life. They taught me how to practice closure in every interaction, therefore ensuring I had complete conversations and could remove worry and self-talk.

They taught me how to run a project in a way that would drive the future of my organization, therefore ensuring I was staying true to all stake-holders (internal and external). They helped to articulate a future for myself and my organization that has driven amazing results. I am who I am today because I did a lot of hard work on myself, and had a great partner in CSG to guide me and hold me accountable to the future I created, declared, and led."

-Amy Pierce, Vice-President, Customer Support & Service Operations, Sage North America