Carnahan, Smith & Gunter, Inc. (CSG) is a Portland, Oregon-based firm of business development and leadership coaches. Each of our business coaches has over 30 years experience in business, most of those as an owner or senior executive of a successful business. Any time a Continuous Breakthruz Coach works with an individual to enhance their leadership abilities you can count on that coach to demonstrate qualities and actions of leaders.

In the past thirty years the Continuous Breakthrough'sTeam of Carnahan Smith & Gunter Inc. has served businesses large and small, public and private, throughout the U.S., Mexico & Canada. We work with corporation and organization executives, business owners, partners, managers and teams to create and implement strategic transformational futures  both short-term and long-term. We are committed to transformation in the workplace -- at all levels. 

As Applied Futurists, our goal for each client, and the result we commit to, is optimal sustained business growth and enhanced effectiveness within the company.

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Karen Carnahan, BA, International Certified Spiral Dynamics Wizard

Dynamic, humorous, serious, tenacious, community builder ‑‑ these are just a few of the leadership attributes of Karen Carnahan. With over 30 years of business and ownership development, market strategic planning, market research, promotion and advertising, Karen is an internationally known leader and coach with organizations, corporations and businesses. She is the President of Carnahan, Smith & Gunter, Inc., known as Continuous Breakthroughs and has served as the National President of Women In Communication, Inc. (WICI). In addition, Karen has served on numerous Boards of Directors, including Chair of Northwest Osteopathic Medical Foundation and most recently Chair of the Board for FamilyCare, Inc., a health company in Portland, Oregon.

In her capacity as President and Co-Owner of the firm, she ignites and inspires hundreds of client team members, executives and owners in the transformation of work, leading change and fulfilling organizational and individual visions. Karen spends most of her client time coaching executives for both the strategic future of their business and their growth as a dynamic, inspiring leader.

Karen is an avid learner attempting to stay on the expanding edge as an applied futurist. She is a student of collaborative leadership and studies with such individuals as Don E Beck, Ph.D. of the National Values Center and founder of Spiral Dynamics Integral; Jill Taylor RN, MH, of The Taylor Group and Jeannette French MS, PMHMP, APReN, CS, AAMFT; Adizes Graduate School, Santa Barbara, CA; Kimberly Herkert of The Way of the Heart and Charlotte A. Tomaino, PhD, Author of "Awakening the Brain --The Neuropsychology of Grace."  Karen also enjoys music, art, reading, being a maniac tourist, digital photography and relaxing at home.


Marsia Gunter, MBA, International Certified as a Spiral Dynamic Wizard-in-Training

Marsia Gunter is an inspiring and spirited seeker of possibilities. With over 30 years as a business owner, Marsia brings an integrated holistic approach to developing a business. Her experience includes market strategic planning, business growth development, breakthrough leadership and ownership growth.

Marsia is known internationally as a business coach in her work with companies, organizations and corporations. She is the Executive Vice-President and Co-Owner of Carnahan, Smith and Gunter, Inc. and has served as adjunct faculty at Marylhurst University in Oregon. Prior to her engagement with Continuous Breakthroughs, Marsia spent fourteen years in the healthcare industry in market strategic planning. Marsia brings a unique perspective to business development coaching, which comes from her childhood experience of family-owned companies.  Today she spends much of her business and leadership time with family owned businesses as they pass the baton from generation to generation.  

Marsia concentrates her work to assist corporations and business owners to generate a compelling strategic future executed through daily intentional action. Her stand for each client to engage in world stage breakthroughs is infectious. For fun, Marsia reads extensively, instigates neighborhood parties and is always lending a hand to family and friends. Marsia is involved in extensive collaborative leadership development as a student and participates in more than 15 days of integrated leadership  learning each year.  She is full of fun, frolic, laughter, learning and action!

PS Stay tuned as she is soon to launch a new endeavor and begin a life long dream of receiving her PhD. 



Jan Tesch, BA

A continuous learner "junkie", Jan brings her curiosity and belief in a better future to the Continuous Breakthrough Team of Carnahan Smith & Gunter, Inc. as a Leadership Development Coach. Her varied experiences throughout her career make her a great and inspiring Leadership Coach.  A brave woman, she engaged in a joyful 15-year experience as a teacher of sixth graders. As a Junior Achievement professional, she spent the next 20 years guiding young people and teaching them about business. And then, of course, she explored a few business owner, manager and employee opportunities also. A consummate volunteer through Rotary and World Vision, Jan continues to partner with many to impact global communities. For over 20 years Jan has volunteered on the Board of Directors of FamilyCare as part of her commitment to health care access for all. Jan has joined the Continuous Breakthroughs team as a facilitator of effective relationships. 

While not at work, you might see Jan hiking, biking and traveling internationally.