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Continuous Breakthroughs

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Applied Futurists

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What You Can Expect From Us


As Applied Futurists, our work is to help every business owner and business person articulate what they want for the future of their business, and what action they need to take today to facilitate that.

What does that mean?

In a fundamental way, you are thinking backward from what you want into today, and taking intentional action from that point of view. 


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Continuous breakthroughs

What We Do


We believe in the future that our clients envision, and we stand with them to achieve it. 

As applied futurists, we work with businesses and organizations to be resilient, vital, and successful. It's crucial that the entire team engage in daily focus based on the future they want, so that their language and actions match with the results they have declared.

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Who We Serve


We pride ourselves on serving a variety of high growth businesses across multiple industries. What they all have in common is that they are mission driven and have a desire to lead from their vision of their organization's future. [Read more.]


Continuous Breakthroughs


As Applied Futurists, our coaching work is designed to build capacity as individuals and teams to own, lead and move their desired future into action every day.

We only coach with those people who are purpose driven, want to continue to gain mastery, and are committed to leading a shared vision. [Read more...]

Team intensive

Team intensive

Coaching Intensive

Coaching Intensive

in-House Client Coaching

in-House Client Coaching

on-site coaching

on-site coaching

Participants working together

Participants working together


Breakthrough Leadership

As companies develop themselves as an applied futurist business, it is imperative that everyone be able to lead and follow.

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Breakthrough Ownership

As business owners and managers that represent business owners - it's imperative to able to view the company from a whole perspective, which allows for decisions and actions to be congruent with the purpose and the future of the company. [Read more...]

Wherever you are on your career path or your life path, you need to know how to intercept the future positively and with insight that makes that interception successful. You also need to understand the influence you have in every situation you’re in: at work as a new hire, an old timer, the owner, the customer; or at home: as parent, child, spouse or friend. Breakthruz training helps you do it all.
— -Jeanne Magmer, Editor and Publisher


Goodwill of the Olympics & Rainier Region

"CSG provided my senior executives and leadership with a whole new perspective with the tools provided. Leading from an owner's perspective was a fabulous concept we now use every day. Leading by asking questions is also a technique that works. The tools help us to work more strategically as we plan the future of our organization. My executive staff has risen to a whole new level as a result of the training and individualized consultations we received. We are most grateful."

Terry Hayes, Former CEO, Goodwill of the Olympics & Rainier Region

SELCO Credit Union

"Want to get everyone on the same page and moving forward?  Breakthrough Leadership will transform your teams, get them focused on an intended future and inspire courageous actions.

This learning helped our entire organization to partner in the work, creating a culture of inclusion where everyone felt valued and accountable for results.  For many, it was an eye-opening experience that changed their understanding of how to be on a professional and personal level."

Ava Milosevich

Past CEO of SELCO Community Credit Union

CEO of Partnering for Greatness, LLC

FamilyCare Health Plans

"I think one of the great things about your firm’s board development / futuring sessions at FCI is the way you bring different perspectives together, to unify them and find the common threads. You encourage meaningful participation in the process and by the end of the session, it’s not just a good feeling we’re left with, it’s a sense of commitment and excitement about the changes we’ve envisioned."

Bob Carus

Board Member of FamilyCare, Inc.

RK Carus CPA, PC


Continuous breakthroughs

Futures in Action


We help clients move beyond limitations shaped by a fixed mindset of the past. 

Here are examples of how we have helped our clients get results based on the future they want.

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